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At First Church of the Nazarene, our intentional focus is on the discipleship of the family unit, from the parents to the youth to the children.  We work to provide multiple avenues for this discipleship to occur and encourage you to check out each one and decide what works best for you and your family.

Our Priorities

We realize that life is hectic.  Schedules are filled with athletics, meetings, doctor appointments, and more.  Sometimes it is nice just to have one night when something is not already scheduled.  If we could prioritize for you what we believe is most important in your level of involvement in the fellowship, it would be this:

1. Be committed to and involved in Sunday School and Celebration Worship.  Make Sunday morning a priority in your family’s weekly schedule.

2. Find a D-Cell and become part of that discipleship effort.  Whether you are the one who is learning or the one who is teaching, discipleship is beneficial and biblical.

3. Be part of our MidWeek activities.  MidWeek Bible studies are the lowest on our priority list because while they are important, they are often harder to squeeze into our schedules.  What happens in the home on Wednesday night can be just as effective as being involved in another Bible study.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider what your priorities will be as you choose ministry options.