Who is First Church of the Nazarene?  

First Church of the Nazarene (“FirstNaz”, “The Church On The Hill”, “The Church With The Pond”, “The Church Across From Chilis”) has been a fixture in Hot Springs for over 90 years.   The bottom line is that FirstNaz has been and will continue to be working hard to make an impact on our community and upon the lives of those in our community.
We strongly believe that the family unit is the foundation of society, and the church should be a prominent part of the family.   We emphasize the role of the parent in the discipleship of their children, work hard to provide resources and training in this process, and reflect these values in every aspect of our ministry.

For that matter, what is a Nazarene?

The Nazarene Church is part of the Wesleyan-Armenian tradition and has close ties to the Methodist Church, the Church of God, and others.  For more information on our doctrine and core beliefs, please visit our About page to read more.


How do I become a member of the FirstNaz family? 

There are no rituals or secret oaths, but we do take time to make sure you understand what we believe and are in agreement with our principles.  Membership is important because it is a mark of commitment from the individual.  All of our leaders, from teachers to our Church Board, are members of our church.



What do I wear to FirstNaz?

Some will have jeans, others will have suits.  Some will have dresses, and some will wear slacks.  No matter how you come, the most important thing we “wear” is a receptive spirit to what God is going to tell us!



What do you have for my children?

WE ARE KID FRIENDLY!  Bring the whole family for breakfast in the Worship Cafe at 8:30am every Sunday.   At 9:30am, there are classes available for every age group, utilizing structured curriculum.   Our Celebration Worship at 10:45am is a family affair and we’re privileged to enjoy the presence of all ages in our Celebration Worship. (Honeybee Hill Nursery is available for ages 0-4.)

Wednesday night offers a variety of activities for all ages.  We offer different things at different times of the year, so we encourage you to come on out and see what’s happening this week!